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1000 Black Lines

:: digital coffee stains on the paper of the blogosphere ::

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Something has been gnawing away at my spirit for days. Junkmail for Blankets blog site, hosted by Jeremy Huggins, published a post which read (and I use with permission): "I have stolen:
TIME--I should have listened instead of talking,
DIGNITY--I put you down to lift myself that night with our friends,
IDEAS--passed them off as my own,
GLORY--the way I talked about you behind your back,
AFFECTIONS--with no intention of holding them,
AWAY--I should have stayed."

It is easy to account for stolen pens, DVDs, notebooks, cash, bus tickets and basically anything physically represented. But the abstract properties such as ideas, affections and glory are more difficult to measure and thus seem difficulty to rob. Or so it may seem. Time you can measure. I do it everyday. It takes me about 40 minutes to ride the bus to work. Three hours to design a half page, full-color vitamin ad. Less than five minutes to consume a bowl of ramen noodle soup. 20 minutes to write a blog entry. Stealing time from the company to email a friend about an upcoming gig -- a coulple minutes. Stealing time from my wife by watching the DVD Open Range -- a couple hours. Stealing time from God by avoiding Him when He calls -- several days. The question is how to repay those stolen moments. For the company who employees, me I can stay late and repay the stolen time. For my wife who comforts me, I can take her out for supper and listen to her. For my God who gives me grace and peace, I am here and I am listening.

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