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1000 Black Lines

:: digital coffee stains on the paper of the blogosphere ::

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Comments Made Elsewhere

Here are several comments made on other blogs. Follow the links to the first three (the last link is rather difficult to follow) and enjoy!

The Karagraphy comment relates to packaging "God in an explainable box of rules."

The Neanderthal blog comment about the two calcified political parties that rule America.

The Exiled blog comment about sex, religion & politics.

The World Magazine blog comment about RNC Protests brought levity to an angry-eye-brow conservative discussion:
On AIGA's website, Steven Heller (graphic design guru) interviewed Milton (another designer) on his RNC protest plans. Glaser states: "On August 30, from dusk to dawn, all citizens who wish to end the Bush presidency can use light as our metaphor. We can gather informally all over the city with candles, flashlights and plastic wands to silently express our sorrow over all the innocent deaths the war has caused." If there are to be prostests, I think this would be a civil way to express discontent.
Posted by MM at August 31, 2004

Better than yelling out a window perhaps we should try the following . . .
This Friday drive with your lights on during the day if you plan to vote for President Bush. If you will be voting for John Kerry, drive with your lights off Friday night.
(Trying to add a little levity to a rather bogged-down blog!)
Posted by Jill at September 1, 2004

Levity is the best approach to serious thought. Thanks, Jill. Drive safe everyone and watch out for Kerry supporters (they'll be the ones in the dark).
Posted by MM at September 1, 2004

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