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1000 Black Lines

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Narrative Non-fiction Class

Last night was my second class on narrative non-fiction taught by Neal Thompson author of Light This Candle. Since I got a request last week about the in-class exercise, I thought I'd offer you the same exercise and post mine later this week.

Exercise 2: Write one opening sentence to a narrative non-fiction story based on the following list of interview notes:
wall of depression
open a restaurant
Willy Wonka poster
huge CD collection
cookie wrappers next to computer
smell of butter
art piece called a whirly-gig
Roald Dahl and Dr. Suess books
"Every one makes a difference."
"That quote applies to me."

Have fun!

  1. Blogger woody | 11:17 PM, September 24, 2004 |  

    Ok, here goes.

    "If you've ever had newly baked bread topped with farm-fresh butter, you can close your eyes and the smell of the bread and the butter is so strong, you can taste the calories."

    There. I hope you would like to read the rest of the article.

  2. Blogger 1000 black lines | 4:57 PM, September 27, 2004 |  

    Here is the sentence I offered to the class:

    "Worn running shoes, favorite books, cookie wrappers beside a computer and a huge stack of CDs hide him behind a wall of depression that claims him."

    Neal's comments were: "Descriptive... human on many levels."

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