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Three Years Later

On the newly designated Patriots Day, Ed Veith, on World Magazine's blog, posted: "It was a day of horror, yet a day of searing compassion. It was a day when our cultured experienced once again moral clarity. For a few weeks, we knew evil was real. Truth was objective, after all... America was unified. Three years later, we are back to postmodernist, relativism, cynicism, and conflict."

The Neanderthal recounts how it changed his America by confessing "Three years later, I can't honestly remember what it was like before."

I too recall the events of that day. The surreal atmosphere around the newsroom as the cover story for that week's issue was trashed and replaced with a "special report" in photo essay format. Editorial decisions changing as the event unfolded before us in the conference room via Fox News coverage. Three-page spreads vacant except for FPO (for position only) gray boxes pending related photos and copy. I remember logging onto the AP Wire to see if the network news was correct. Several dozen bazaar photos appeared. Each photo displaying the most notable landmark in NYC in smoke. Outside my office I could hear the decision to remove all advertising content from this week's "special report." It would be risky to dump ad revenue, but it was the editor's decision to run the magazine free of advertisements.

It's hard to believe that was three years ago. My first born child was born three months after that event. As I helped put him to bed this evening I wounder what kind of America he will inherit.

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