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1000 Black Lines

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Worst Flooding in 30yrs

Woke up this morning an realized the power was out. Drove to work and realized the parking lot was empty because the power was out there as well. So I turned on the radio and discovered that the city was under a state of emergency because of the flooding of the two major rivers. Now the water is off because sewage has found its way into the water system. The rivers are to crest sometime tonight (because the water from higher elevations have not made it here yet). Just heard of a mudslide on the major interstate that runs east to west, but what disturbs me most is the fact that without power and water I still receive a phone call from someone trying to sell me a credit card.

  1. Blogger mike | 11:33 PM, September 08, 2004 |  

    dude that is too funny. you can come stay in TR if you need to. its not pretty, but we've got power and water (sewage free).

  2. Blogger 1000 black lines | 10:42 AM, September 11, 2004 |  

    Thanks for the offer. Power is on and water is running (though authorities are suggesting to boil water for drinking and cooking purposes). The rage of the two rivers left extensive damage. Although most of the damage tends to be localized the river bank properties only (my home is about 300-400 feet above the river basin).

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