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1000 Black Lines

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Writing Class Recovery

The writing class updates vanished for couple weeks because I got my Wanter hurt. One of the class assignments was to offer an idea for a book proposal. I did a bit of research and discovered that my idea had not been covered. After sharing it with the class I was discouraged for two reasons. The first reason was because everyone had his or her own ideas of how it should be developed. The second (and more objective) reason was from the only person who didn't have an opinion for my book. She simply stated that it would be better for a magazine feature or something of a serialized nature.

As stated earlier, I was hurt. But not the way it's portrayed in the movies where the dejected writer drowns his/her sorrows in liquor. It hurt momentarily as if I had walked into a glass patio door not realizing it was closed. After laughing at myself for clumsily thinking I could write a book with the story I had researched, I was surprised at the possibilities of this wonderful rejection. The story couldn't sustain the reader for the length of a book, but could provide a good feature length magazine story. Now all I have to do is finish the story by this weekend.

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