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1000 Black Lines

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Writing Class

Last night's nonfiction writing class covered leads, transitions and structure. Two of the class members offered writings (one personal essay the other on business practices) that were critiqued in class by students and teacher. I am amazed at the caliber of writers in this class. They have challenged me to write a more compelling story.

The writing assignment I turned in last week was based on an interview I did in August with a River Arts District painter. The artist interview was initially planned to be submitted to a local monthly arts column but I saw in that piece something bigger. The artist's desire to change her culture by presenting art that questions conformity, challenges American materialism and hopefully provides financial support became a more universal theme. For several weeks I compiled research material that enhanced her story. I spent a Friday night at a gallery showing getting a vibe for the River District community. And the story transformed from a 400-word sidebar to a feature length 3000 words. Next week my piece will be consumed and critiqued. I hope I offered something on the same level as their writings.

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