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1000 Black Lines

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Buzzword of the day - cabal

I find it amusing how certain words populate the mainstream media and spill into the blogosphere. The phenomena peaked my interest a few years ago when I read the word "gravitas" (a noun meaning: substance; weightiness; i.e. gravity). The word "gravitas" began to appear in the mainstream media during the fall of 2000. It became a political buzzword that became as annoying as summertime mosquitoes.

Since mid-October of this year, I noticed and increasing use of the word "cabal" (a noun meaning:a group seeking power; syn: conspiracy). I guess it started with this comment by Retired Colonel Larry Wilkerson, "What I saw was a cabal between the vice president... and the secretary of Defense..."

Journalists and bloggers snatched at that opportunity to birth a new buzzword. Soon "cabal" splattered across the Washington Monthly, Washington Post, Newsweek, London's Financial Times, bloggess Wonkette, Daily Kos and later the Baltimore Sun.

"Cabal" seems to be a fun, hip word to use.

So, I machinate a junto offering gravitas to mainstream media by abolishing the word "cabal" from newspapers and blogs everywhere. Anyone wanna a join?

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