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1000 Black Lines

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From the Notebook of Holiday Traveling:
Five Poems & Two Quotations

[1] a poem:
There is something appropriate about
Listening to Cowboy Junkies while
Driving 60 miles per hour at night
Through eight hours of blinding rain.

[2] a poem:
An economy can not be established without
A recognized currency or form of trade.

Likewise, God’s sovereign justice
Requires His sovereign means.

[3] a dilat:
The room is cold at night. I rest
Under thermal blankets and wait
For my toes to warm and sleep to
Visit me in this chilly room.

[4] a kimo:
Carrots and celery and apples and
Grapes line the table for our
Guests to eat and enjoy.

[5] a tanaga:
Thanksgiving, everything looks
Delicious. Before the cooks;
Meats, fruits and recipe books
Spill from all the kitchen nooks.


[1] from Teaching a Stone to Talk:
“We as a people have moved from pantheism to pan-atheism.”
--Annie Dillard

[2] from Reflections on War:
“[I]intellectuals must not ‘play the piper to revolution.’ Not in order to shirk the responsibility of a choice... the intellectual function lies in delving for ambiguities and bringing them to light. First duty of the intellectuals is to criticize his own traveling companions... It may happen that the intellectual opts to keep silent because he fears betraying those with whom he identifies... despite their contingent errors, their goal is basically the maximum good for all.”
--Umberto Eco

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