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1000 Black Lines

:: digital coffee stains on the paper of the blogosphere ::

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General Blog-keeping and Congrats

First, the congrats:
I read blogs extensively. Sometimes I prefer reading blogs to writing for my own. That said, I'm thrilled to learn The Waitress has a book deal, Postcards from the Imagination received an acceptance of two poems, and One Word completed her NaNoWriMo manuscript.


Regarding general blog-keeping:
A couple months ago I decided to stop responding to posted comments. The decision was not easy. It's not that I don't read or enjoy the comments ya'll leave (I read and enjoy them all), nor that I don't like you, (I love ya'll--keep commenting), but for the sake of personal sanity I need to focus on writing. Only anonymous comments are intentionally ignored.

Also, I've updated the right sidebar which features: Writings in Print, Late Night Writing Excerpt, reviews and order info, Design Samples & more.

  1. Blogger Patry Francis | 12:32 PM, November 30, 2005 |  

    Thanks, Matt.

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