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Slain for Verse

There's a story I've been following thanks to updates from the Poetry Hut. I wanted to write a response, but words fail me.


Afghan poet dies after battering
Sunday, 6 November 2005
"A well-known Afghan poet and journalist has died from her injuries after being beaten, police say. Officers found the body of Nadia Anjuman, 25... a student at Herat university, had a first book of poetry printed this year. She was popular in Afghanistan and neighbouring Iran."

Afghan police arrest husband... in beating death of... poet
Nov 8, 2005
"Highly regarded poet Nadia Anjuman has been beaten to death, and her husband and mother have been arrested, police said.

"Nadia Anjuman... widely praised for her first book of poems, Gule Dudi, or Dark Flower... died Friday... after being beaten...

"Her husband has confessed to slapping her after an argument... The woman's mother was at home at the time and was suspected of having had a role in the death. Both were arrested, but no charges were immediately filed..."

Woman poet 'slain for her verse'
November 13, 2005
"Friends say her family was furious, believing that the publication of poetry by a woman about love and beauty had brought shame on it.

"Farid Ahmad Majid Mia, 29, Anjuman’s husband... denies murder and claims that his wife committed suicide. The couple had a six-month-old son...

"Her poetry alluded to an acute sense of confinement. 'I am caged in this corner, full of melancholy and sorrow,' she wrote in one 'ghazal', or lyrical poem, adding: 'My wings are closed and I cannot fly.' It concludes: 'I am an Afghan woman and must wail'..."


We all "wail" at such injustice.

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