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1000 Black Lines

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I won something!

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Yup. That's me in the red highlight. This is an odd victory. Last week I won a gift certificate from a contest during the company Christmas party. This week I won a book from inBubble Wrap which is part of 800 CEO read! What am I going to do with a book titled It Takes a CEO? I'm not a CEO. The book discusses
"[P]roblems with the business world while weaving into conversation how social trends such as lack of inner-city employment and unmotivated young people are contributing to a problematic society."

Hm, maybe this will be a good read after all.

I've been reading a lot of business management books recently due to new responsibilities at work. I have yet to derive an opinion on business writing. Most of the books are anecdotal and conversational which makes it light reading.

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