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1000 Black Lines

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Keep Warm on a Cold Night

[Photo from inside The Grey Eagle]

Looks like it will be a chilly evening here in the mountains. Might be a great night to hangout at The Grey Eagle with friends and enjoy great local and national music and poetry (details in the previous post).

I plan to attend the event, take photos for this blog (and maybe this blog), drink a glass of merlot, write in my notebook & converse with patrons, musicians & poets.

I'm looking forward to listening to the Canadian duo, Martha's Trouble, and Laura Blackley. Local performance poets Carrie Gerstmann & Glenis Redmond should be inspiring as well.

Earlier this week, (at writers group) I wrote these lines:

"A young couple moves to the back table
Finding harbor below three black and white
Photos of another time and place--

"Where women fainted at the smooth
Peel of a jazz man's trumpet;
Where a deep baritone laugh and
Slow groove of a precussionist

"Mark a moment lined with smell of
Cigarette clouds and shuffling feet."

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