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Merry Christmas, reject

Listening to "The Christians and the Pagans" by Dar Williams

A few days ago I sent off a half-dozen poems to a half-dozen publishers. I got my first rejection back today--hah, Merry Christmas and all that. Last week I compared poetry submissions to a swimsuit contest for a beauty pageant which got a couple laughs and catcalls.

It wasn't a bad rejection note. In fact, the editor wrote that one poem (which he mentioned) in particular "came closest." That's cool. It's actually a poem I thought might find a place in a literary journal.

Some poems I write have a mature quality about them that seems to sing while other poems are like crazy cousins that seem dissonant (but their still part of the family). So, it's nice to have an editor affirm that a poem sings even though he can't find room for it in his publication.

Listening to Robert Earl Keen's "Merry Christmas From the Family"

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