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Shots Fired in the 'hood

Around twenty after nine at least four shots were heard in the neighborhood as my family was returning home from an excursion. I'm not sure if I said this or my wife, but the comment was, "Did you hear that?" My son replied yes as he stepped onto the back porch. I got everyone inside and to the opposite side of the house.

About 10 minutes later more shots were heard. This time it sounded different--almost like two guns were involved. Minutes later five squad cars barrel into the apartment community east of my home. Do you think it's time to move yet?

Update: Still don't know what's going on, but three squad cars just sped out of the apartment community and headed north. No lights. No sirens.

Update: Two, squad cars tear out of the apartment community with lights and sirens going. Do you think it's odd that I'm trying to find my digital camera to take photos?

Update: Three squad cars return to the apartment community twenty minutes later. No lights flashing. No sirens. Investigation?

Update: And do you think I'll find out anything from the Western North Carolina's news leader News 13 WLOS? No. They have nothing.

Update: Still no news. Or rather the only news anyone is reporting regards the ice storm that was supposed to hit the mountains twelve hours ago. So, far it's cold and dark but no rain or snow or "wintery mix." And no gun shots from the apartment community behind my home.

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  1. Blogger syntax | 2:11 PM, December 15, 2005 |  

    yeah, when the cops "set off a diversionary device in the course of executing a search warrant" last month (i.e., drug raid at the house next door), i thought that the wlos van would be on the scene before the cops showed up. nothing ever came of that either. i'm guessing that if it were a meth lab that they busted it would have been the leading story.

  2. Blogger ash | 9:14 PM, December 21, 2005 |  

    dude, what 'hood do you live in?

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