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Poet Khalil Gibran

The poet Khalil Gibran was born in Bsharri, Lebanon on this day in 1883. He is most famously known for his slim book of 28 chapters, The Prophet.

It was that book that inspired a series of paintings I did a couple years ago [see right sidebar paintings "Pain," "Giving," "Marriage" and "Buying & Selling"]. The paintings I created were based both on his lyrical works as well as the illustrations that accompanied the manuscript.

Though The Prophet is his most well known book, there are others of note. The Broken Wings hauntingly begins: "My neighbors, you remember the dawn of youth with pleasure and regret it's passing; but I remember it like a prisoner..." I acquired an old used copy through Ebay and it has been a constant source of inspiration.

Another book that rests beside my laptop is The Storm which collects over a dozen short stories and poems including The Soul:
The Great God separated a soul from His own essence and fashioned beauty within her.
He gave her the mildness of the evening breezes, the fragrance of wildflowers, the gentleness of moonlight.
He gave her a cup of happiness and said, 'Drink of it only if you forget the past and are heedless of the future.'
He gave her a cup of sorrow and said, 'Drink of it and apprehend the essence of life's joy.'
He scattered within her love that will desert her at the first sigh of fulfillment and a sweetness that will desert her at the first world of pride.
From heave He sent down knowledge upon her to guide her on the paths of truth.
Deep within her He placed discernment to see what cannot be seen.
In her He created a yearning that flows with dreams and runs with spirits.
He clothed her with a robe of longing, woven by angels from rainbow threads.

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