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Recycling old magazines

If you've read one writing magazine, then you've pretty much read them all. Over the years I've collected stacks of magazines on "50 places to sell your first novel," "6 keys to dramatic dialogue," "how to get your book in editors' hands" and other such things. During the holidays I placed most of the old magazines in the recycling bin. Those magazines of merit I decided to bind--by hand.

I've never hand-bound a book before let alone five magazines that have been heavily dog-eared and highlighted. So I went to the library and later did some online research. My son watched as I sewed the books together. He really enjoyed the measuring of items and played delightfully with the scraps. He placed the scraps into a toy freight car and had his train deliver them to places near the salt and pepper shakers.

The gluing was a bit tricky as I don't have the proper bookbinding glue and the cloth I used was from an old work shirt that had seen better days. Using an old shirt distressed my son because, as he puts it, "I don't like change Daddy." However, putting the book together was like a 3-D puzzle which was quite and activity for a Saturday afternoon.

After looking at the completed book, I realize it turned out better than expected. Nothing pretty and I'm sure people in the book arts community might wag their heads at such an effort. Next time I'll do the end papers better and sewing the magazines together could have been done better as well.

Tonight, is the Warren Wilson MFA faculty reading at Malaprop's. I'll write about that later tonight.

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  1. Blogger Carla | 10:19 PM, January 07, 2006 |  

    "He placed the scraps into a toy freight car and had his train deliver them to places near the salt and pepper shakers."

    Cute :-)

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