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1000 Black Lines

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As if there wasn't enough to do on a Thursday night

Anthony Abbot read poems from his book The Man Who, at Malaprop's tonight. Dr. Abbot is also a current board member of the NC Writers Network.

WLOS was at Malaprop's recording the open-mic portion of the event. It's funny in a way, because the host of Blind Date with Poetry, Matt Moon, confessed he doesn't own a television set but encouraged those who did to watch the 11 o'clock news.

Pure Energy: bells, bowls and didge
After Malaprop's I headed over to the open mic at Courtyard Gallery & Studio, from 8 to 11 PM hosted by Jarrett Leone (pictured playing the didge). WLOS did not cover the Courtyard Open Mic event. As always, the event opens with an Indie film viewing. I came in on the last five minutes of Anarchy TV. Ironic isn't it?

Anyway, a singer/songwriter opened the evening and I followed with a work-in-progress poem (because I'm rather bored with the published poems), a quote by Walt Whitman (which I had just read today) and then finished my time with a short poem I just finished, I think.

The lovely and talented Ash Devine graced the Courtyard event with her vocals and guitar. I left right after she conlcuded her set. I normally stay until the very last person reads or sings, but tonight I needed to submit an essay to an editor.

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