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Building a community

It is written somewhere that it is better to be in a house of weeping than at a house party. I've experienced both this weekend. I am exhausted. My head aches, my eyes burn, my heart aches in ways I didn't know possible, my spirit is heavy as if I can feel it in my gut.

Saturday night I enjoyed meeting new faces (writers, poets, artists) at a party hosted by a local poet. It is nice to meet others in the literary community. My wife and I had a lovely evening. For those who attended, thanks. I hope meet again soon and forgive us for leaving so quickly.

Sunday morning greeted me with great, deep grief as I mourn with others the tragic loss of a friend's daughter. No father should have to bury his daughter. No words can truly comfort. Flesh is so weak -- numb. No one can really help through the grieving process. It is a lonely, personal, spiritual endeavor. But somehow, when a community grieves together there is solemn solidarity.

  1. Blogger Clayton A. Couch | 9:56 PM, February 26, 2006 |  

    I'm very sorry to hear about your friend's daughter, Matt. I can't begin to conceive how painful that tremendous loss must be for their family. Flesh is so very weak, yes.

  2. Blogger Stephen | 4:39 PM, March 18, 2006 |  

    Hi Matt - sorry to hear this - being a parent carries a load of what we might imagine - and we parents do have vivid imaginations - and I've had my share of wondering where my kids are - once in fact only a week ago - one kid vanished for several hours and he's grown - but then he walked in and I was relieved after a lot of hours - he being on the road to Indiana and back and for quite awhile no trace so something known to us as parents to have "gone wrong" - that following the the weekend we finally met? (time getting lost here) - that he found another meet to compete in at Notre Dame (you might recall the discussion about the other one where he accidentally got dropped) but then never appeared in the online results - but kept that to myself (of course) - all this to say that the mind is a funny thing - but then when it all gets real as with your friend - words prove entirely inadequate - and here I wanted to merely say hi it was so nice to actually meet you - and so I have I suppose with regard to the solemnity of the occasion - oh! I almost forgot to relate what actually went wrong after all this blathering - after riding in a car all day from Asheville to Notre Dame - and he being a distance runner - he went for a run to loosen up the legs and ran smack into a signpost solidly smashing his knee which is recovering - and this proving that we were correct - that something did "go wrong" but that it was less than what we feared with a road trip (being parents trying NOT to fear the worst)

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