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1000 Black Lines

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From the X-Files

Last night I was updating this blog and I ran across something very weird. In the last six months I've stopped compulsively checking Site Meter and other memes that help track traffic because it became a major distraction in my life. However, last night I checked Site Meter and discovered someone set a new record.

A visitor from the Raleigh area had visited 23 pages for a record of 102 minutes (on average, visitors don't stay for more than five minutes)! What could possibly keep someone that interested in this blog? That's when I noticed the Raleigh area visitor left an "Anonymous" 1649-word comment!

Normally, I just delete anonymous comments on the principle that if an individual is not willing to take responsibility for the comment made one does not need to be read.

Then I read the lengthy comment. I didn't delete it, but I did "hide" it. I couldn't quite make sense of why the comment was placed and why it was attached to the post it was attached.

Then I discovered something very interesting on The Truth Laid Bear. Supposedly, 1000 Black Lines blogs about the NSA and domestic spying.

So, I went back and reread the Anonymous comment. The Anonymous commenter wrote, "Jesus Christ is a false god... America is a country of castoffs, rejects... Royalty is the correct way to organize a society... Democracy misleads people..." and 1600 other words along the lines of anti-American, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian language.

Either a conspiracy theorists or William Shatner just spammed me. So, I deleted the comment because... I can't get behind that.

William Shatner - Has Been
excerpts from "I Can't Get Behind That" by William Shatner and featuring Henry Rollins

[Shatner]: My kids say: He said to me, and I'm like... and he's like... and she's like...
[Rollins]: It's all... He's all... She's all...
[Shatner]: I can't get behind that kind of like, English!


[Shatner]: I can't get behind the Gods, who are more vengeful, angry, and dangerous if you don't believe in them!
[Rollins]: Why can't all these Gods just get along? I mean, they're omnipotent and omnipresent, what's the problem?
[Shatner]: What's the problem?
[Shatner]: What about the men who say 'Do as I do. Believe in what I say, for your own good, or I'll kill you!' I can't get behind that!
[Rollins]: I can't get behind that! Everybody knows everything about all of us!
[Shatner]: That's too much knowledge!
[both]: I can't get behind that!
[Shatner]: Yeah! And what about student drivers using my streets to learn? If you learn to play the drums you got to go to a studio! Go to a parking lot ... Why are you jeopardizing my life? I can't get behind a student driver!
[Rollins]: I can't behind a driver who drives like a student driver! If you're going to drive an urban assault vehicle then get off the phone and keep your eyes on the road!


[Shatner]: The leaf blowers, is there anything more futile?
[Rollins]: Car alarms.
[Shatner]: Clap off.
[Rollins]: Clap on.
[Shatner]: Spam.


[Shatner]: I can't get behind so-called singers that can't carry a tune, get paid for talking, how easy is that? Well, maybe I could get behind that!

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