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1000 Black Lines

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What's in your book bag?

So, Friday night I was over at a friend’s home for supper -- sweet potatoes and some sort of meat. It was very tasty. I ate too much and paid for it later. I felt like such a glutton.

The kids were playing upstairs and the adults were sitting around the table making small talk after the meal. Somehow the topic of good reading material came up. I had just finished reading How to become CEO by Jeffrey Fox (don’t worry my progressive friends... there’s stuff in that book that’s good for anyone who wants to better themselves... be it organizing a protest or organizing a nonprofit company) and mentioned a few things I learned and the husband (or wife, I can’t remember which ... and unlike James Frey I’m not going to say it was Leroy or some imaginary person like that) asked if I had read Blue Like Jazz. I said I had a copy but had not read it. Blue Like Jazz rests on the kitchen counter and has since Christmas (when I was given it). Someone had told me I should read it especially after reading parts of 1000 Black Lines. When someone tells me I really need to read a book, I usually don’t want to do it. It’s a pride issue. I want to genuinely be wooed by a book not have it shoved down my throat.

Like I said until yesterday morning that book rested on the kitchen counter next to other books people tell me I should read and other books I am currently reading (by choice ... like a collection of poems by Eavan Boland, selected poems by William Blake and a chapbook by Clayton Couch). Sunday morning I woke up and enjoyed a pancake breakfast and out of boredom or annoyance or divine appointment I picked up Blue Like Jazz and began reading it. I didn’t put the book down until this afternoon.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to provide a review of the whole book. It is quite easy to read (written in a very conversational manner) and very engaging on many levels. I’m still considering what to think of it. I haven’t made my decision as to whether or not I like it. Part of me doesn’t like it because someone told me I would like it. And part of me likes it because it genuinely wooed me from the first page (well, maybe not exactly the first page, but definitely by chapter two). I’ll let you know what I think of Blue Like Jazz in a day or two. I need time to think about it...

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  1. Blogger Patry Francis | 11:16 PM, February 20, 2006 |  

    Blue Like Jazz: I'm loving the title. Will check back in a couple of days to hear more...

  2. Blogger Faith | 12:05 PM, February 23, 2006 |  

    Nowadays I have a difficult time finding something to read. Seems like everything I pick up is poorly written, is an over done plot, or is just stupid.

    Being an editor probably doesn't help my case any. I dissect everything read too.

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