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Gypsy Bandwagon Plays to capacity crowd at Jack of the Wood

That's right. Capacity crowds at Jack of the Wood tonight -- according to the guy at the door (he wouldn't let me in until a couple left the fine establishment). Tonight's crowd was dancing the night away to the music of Gypsy Bandwagon.

A lot of really positive energy and comments about the band tonight. The only complaint, from the manager of Jack of the Wood, was that Gypsy Bandwagon had a bit too many slow ballads for St. Patrick's Day. For crying out load -- the Bandwagon played Irish jigs and reels (with a few peppy gypsy tunes tossed in for spice) for almost an hour and a half and there was like maybe three or four "slow ones." What? The crowd wasn't drinking fast enough for the manager? And that was just the first half of the night.

Manager complaint aside, the Bandwagon had the crowd hootin' and hollerin' and stompin' their feet. I love it when you can feel the floor boards thumping to the beat of a lively tune. Much ale and porter consumed tonight. It's Lent for me. I left drunk on fine music.

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