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Ani Difranco is hot

Ani DiFranco
[photo source]
A couple months ago I reviewed several books [here]. One of those books was book by this fella. Anyway, looks like some "former president of a seminary" got really frosted by the book and author and has some harsh criticism. Donald Miller defends himself and his book, Blue Like Jazz, here.

I'm really starting to like Donald--especially when he responds to a former seminary president's angst. Donald mentions in Blue Like Jazz that Ani DiFranco is hot and the former seminary president claims this endorses a "lesbian lifestyle." Donald Miller responds: "Ani Difranco is hot. How could he say that Ani Difranco isn’t hot? But I have a question ... can cats be lesbians? ‘Cause my friend Todd has a cat and I think it likes other girl cats."

So, I have more book reviews coming up later this week. Four more books ... sort of ... with my take on the books.

Listening to Neko Case singing "I know what I like, I like the way you love me strong ... " on All Songs Considered while I write this post.

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