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1000 Black Lines

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April showers and birthdays

It is the birthday of writer and naturalist John Muir. From the first chapter of Steep Trails: "Azure skies and crystal waters find loving recognition, and few there be who would welcome the axe among mountain pines, or would care to apply any correction to the tones and costumes of mountain waterfalls."

Michael Timmons
[photo source]
Today is the birthday of Michael Timmons, guitarist for Cowboy Junkies. From his song "200 More Miles": "That I've got 200 more miles of rain asphalt in line/ before I sleep/ But there'll be no warm sheets or welcoming arms/ to fall into tonight

They say that I am crazy/ my life wasting on this road/ that time will find my dreams/ scared or dead and cold

But I heard there is a light/ drawing me to reach an end/ and when I reach there, I'll turn back/ and you and I can begin again"

On a cool, rainy April morning I blanket myself in their words. I reflect upon the poetry reading in which I participated last Wednesday night and wish I had half the talent as these two fine craftsmen of letters. Maybe if I wrap their words around myself tighter the inspiration will soak into my body and course through my blood.

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