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Designing, publishing, printing... [part 2]

Book-- A couple weeks ago I mentioned that the first print ad for a book project I'm introducing were placed in a national magazine.

The strategy was to place two "teaser" advertisments in a magazine to create reader anticipation. The ads announced that a book by a certain writer would be available "soon" and in "May 2006."

The third ad was released last weekend and included a 800 number to pre-order the book. Consider that the national magazine that carries the ad takes three to four days to make it to subscribers' mailboxes. Now consider that it may be a day or two before people read the ad and respond. That being said, I didn't expect any book sales until next week. However, as of last night, a dozen books have been sold already.

I know. Not exactly a bestseller book. More exciting is the fact that these are pre-orders (i.e. the book hasn't been printed yet). I'll be visiting the plant which will produce the books later this week.

Magazine-- Yesterday I had a meeting at West End Bakery with a local magazine publisher. The magazine will focus on Asheville's "cuisine, entertainment & lifestyle." The publisher is really excited about the sample comps I've designed and said I could begin promoting the magazine here on 1000 Black Lines.

The design work isn't complete yet. So, I'll start with this: the fonts used in the magazine come from the fantastic folks at T.26 Digital Type Foundry and the photos from photographer Chris Chromey.

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