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Designing, publishing, printing... [part 3]

Book-- I am sitting in a hotel in the Upper Midwest with an unassembled sample of the book I have developed over the last four or five months. The unassembled sample looks like fresh puzzle pieces that I don't know how to join.

The company that is manufacturing the book provided a tour of their plant this afternoon--very impressive operation. There were so many interesting books being printed, folded, cut, bound and packed.

The text pages were printed early and I have three folded and cut signature samples. Each signature represents 48 pages. The final manuscript includes 144 pages. A bale of neatly collected signatures rested upon two palettes waiting for their covers. The cover (hardcover or casebound) will be applied later.

In the bindery portion of the plant I say a sign which read that 27,000 books were bound in 8 hours. This book company is a small operation, but the efficiency with which they manufacture books is fantastic.

I'm off to supper. I'm told The Common Grill is a great place to eat.

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