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Designing, publishing, printing... [part 4]

hotel room
Book-- One thing I don't like about business trips is the lack of family. After a great day of business meetings and developing new relationships I rest in a quiet, lonely room. I'm used to the clamor of children and wife. The hotel room, with its modest luxury, offers nothing like the comfort of home.

The iBook stores work I need to do in these hours before my return flight. I forgot my Ethernet cable and had to borrow one from the front desk. Once online and accessing emails and sending reports I realize I could really use a snack or something. To my surprise, I realize its 11 PM and the only thing available is the snack machine which ask $1.50 for a soda pop and $.75 for a bag of nacho chips. I should have packed a healthy more affordable alternative.

press floor samples
On the hotel room desk I spread out an unbound copy of the book I've been developing during the first quarter of this year. I wonder if people will like this book as much as I do. The business associate I am traveling with told me of a book he really enjoys reading and rereading, Come Spring by Ben Ames Williams. It sounds like a book I would like to read. There are so many books available to Americans that I wonder if the book on this hotel desk will get lost in the shuffle.

I hope the book becomes a cherished gift that people love to share with each other. I hope this for the sake of the author and for the sake of generations of readers. Did I do everything I know possible to introduce the book to the public in a manner that will be well received, I ask myself as I try to fall asleep in a bed that is not my own. Only time will tell.

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