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1000 Black Lines

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Do you love dictionaries?

Discovered this list here.
- Do you read poetry on a regular basis (and we don’t mean your own!)?

- Do you ever study the mechanics of poetry? (We don’t care whether you’re perfectly conversant with all of the technical terms, but would you at least recognize and understand words like “verse,” “stanza,” “meter,” “metaphor,” “simile,” “alliteration,” “end-,” “slant-” and “perfect-rhyme?” The difference between a poem and a ditty?)

- Do you know what kind of verse you want to write? (“formal,” “free,” “blank,” “prose poetry”)?

- Do you understand that good poetry is only in part a function of inspiration? That it’s much more about craft – about practicing, making mistakes, recognizing why something is a mistake and not making the same mistake over and over again?

- Can you take criticism of your poetry, direction, failure, and repeated rejection? Can you work for long periods in silence and isolation – and with little more reward than your own sense of satisfaction?

- Do you love dictionaries and hate clichés – and both with a passion?

I answered yes to all the questions.

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  1. Anonymous Diana | 12:26 PM, April 21, 2006 |  

    By playing fast and loose with the word "poetry" and opening up the questions to include the broad concept of "writing," I found that these questions resonated with me, too. Well worth keeping on hand to revisit.

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