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Fine dining at The Common Grill

Supper at The Common Grill provided a fantastic culinary experience. By evidence of a couple tables with smartly dressed adolescents it was prom night. The Common Grill clearly attracts an affluent crowd--at least a dozen men wore blazers or sports jackets.

For an appetizer I chose the Firecracker Shrimp with Hong Kong Salsa. The jumbo shrimp was lightly coated in a chili powder sauce on top of a salad/salsa mix that proved to be quite a nice start to the meal. At the advice of the waitress I used the Hong Kong Salsa, which was in a small metal cup off to the side, to dip the complimentary bread pieces.

I noticed Leinenkugal Red was on tap and ordered a pint of that. Leine Red is only available in expensive brown bottles in Asheville. So, this was a fine treat to have it on tap.

The entree was The Common Grill's Oven Roasted Chicken Breasts. The dish is stuffed with goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes and something else of a citrusy persuasion. A sprig of rosemary garnished the plate that included white cheddar mashed potatoes and honey glazed carrots. The entree's delicious feast provided a rich yet modest meal.

Since I'm not in the habit of eating out often, the meal satisfied me with no room left for The Common Grill's dessert selections. Maybe next time I visit I'll skip the appetizer.

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