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Party at Malaprop's -- be there

Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe
April 19, 6:30 PM

free to the public.

Poets will be reading poems from their collections.

6:30 - Matthew Mulder
7:00 - Megan Hislop
7:30 - Walter Dinteman
8:00 - Pasckie Pascua

If you heard 103.5 FM WPVM's Word Play broadcast this morning at 7 AM, you would have heard them announce tonight's event! Woo hoo! Thanks for supporting local poets WPVM!

Last night I rehearsed the poems I plan to read tonight. The selection includes published and unpublished work as well as a few poems from Late Night Writing. Since I have a 30-minute spot I chose 12 poems arranged around two primary themes: journey and perceptions of reality. If I have extra time I'll read a serial poem tentatively called "Elements of Design." I debuted selections of this collection last year and have added quite a bit to it since then.

The first part of my reading will include six poems about life's many journeys--both internal and external. It is my belief that one may experience spiritual journeys without out physically traveling abroad. Finding contentment and understanding the nature of truth through common, shared knowledge and revelation allows the soul to return home to establish a personal sanctuary.

The second part of the reading includes four new poems--two recently published this year and two unpublished. These poems explore the perception of reality. What one may view is often a distraction from reality. As a visual artist who daily examines the details of visual language (i.e. colors, symbols, graphic design in general) I challenge that communication. Delving into that idea I focus each poem around an enduring image and then question that image and idea.

If I have time, I'll read "Elements of Design." It's a serial poem that takes a list of art composition terms like value, line, proportion, harmony, color, balance, etc. and juxtapose those elements of visual composition with an artist's relationship people in his life (girlfriend, other artists, critics).

If you plan to attend, come early as parking downtown can be a bit tricky. Hope to see you tonight.

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