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1000 Black Lines

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Bobo does four writers and spits out an evening

BoBo Gallery
[photo : bobogallery.com]
Readers from last night's event were, in order of appearance: Devin Walsh, Shad Marsh, Jaye Bartell and Selah Saterstrom. I wanted to write a lengthy post about it but I have a very busy morning and many creative projects to involve myself.

In brief, the readers read in "three rounds." The place was packed with a few people standing along the side and back of the gallery--at least for the first round of readings. The second round of readings the crowd thinned a bit for smokes and drinks. By the end of the second round there was a new crowd filling the gallery.

Because I had to be up before 6 AM I was not able to stay for the third round. The event was a good showing and the artwork on the walls seemed to add to the atmosphere of public expression of art and culture.

I'm inspired to write a fictional account of last night's reading for the sake of being entirely postmodern.

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