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Pizzolatto & Tost

Nic Pizzolatto & Tony Tost
I'm writing this at Malaprop's... or at least I'm beginning to compose this post at Malaprop's while listening to a public book reading.

There are eleven of us listening to award-winning poet Tony Tost read from his book Invisible Bride. Tost reads, "My beard is a bridge between my past and my face.... She says my beard tickles her lips. She slips a valentine into my mouth."

He reads quickly--seemingly unaware of the power of his words. Tost reads selections from his forthcoming book as well. And says it won't be available until next fall. Based on the last six months, I completely understand why it takes so long to make a manuscript into a book.

Nic Pizzolatto reads "Ghost Birds" from his book Between Here and the Yellow Sea. A half dozen people join the small group in the café--frontiers penetrating a literary landscape. I notice Chall sitting up front. He's somewhat of a local poetry scene luminary. There are people outside the café area listening to Pizzolatto read as they pull books off the shelves and return them. It is comical to see people unknowingly mesmerized by good literature.

I am surprised to discover that the books they read from are their first published works. Fantastic debuts! I hope they come to read in Asheville again ... to a larger audience.

I'll be poting a companion piece to this at Write Stuff: Where is the audience?.

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