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1000 Black Lines

:: digital coffee stains on the paper of the blogosphere ::

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What through yonder window do you spy?

I forgot to mention my weekly contribution to Write Stuff yesterday: Through Yonder Window.

I'm overwhelmed by the kind, warm reception to my contributions. Comments made include:
"That’s a beautiful analogy. The way you write hooks me and I can vividly see what you’re describing." --Benjamin

"I loved this post. And it sure is a beautiful analogy, as already mentioned above. It’s heart warming! I really loved it! Hugs!" --Anele

"This a truly beautiful and insightful post. Do you think that we can often be “too” educated?

Nothing is more endearing than those innocent little babbles;) I guess balance is the key." --Tammi

Thanks Benjamin.

Thanks Anele (and hugs).

Thanks Tammi and good question. I like how Kent Nerburn put it: "Education will not inform your spirit and make you full. So, along with knowledge, you must seek wisdom." Education with out wisdom is simple mathematics. The more one learns the more one realizes there is much more to learm. Soon the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of itself becomes empty. Wisdom provides a balance and purpose by offering an individual how to apply knowledge to those "young unsteady" ones spoken of in the post.

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