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Designing, publishing, printing... [part 7]

Magazine-- It has been a couple busy weeks since I last posted about the startup magazine I'm art directing. All but two of the articles have been placed. The bulk of the magazine is designed and ready for pre-production. The magazine will consist of 32 pages--mostly editorial because few advertisers want to risk placement in a startup.

During the last few weeks I've redesigned the layout of the editorial pages. The photography supplied by a local photographer allowed me to create expansive photo-torial stories. This approach creates a visually attractive magazine which I hope will draw readers to the stories in the magazine. The strength of this magazine is its visual appeal. Hopefully this will attract strong writers as well as loyal readers.

The buzz around Asheville is anticipation for a high quality magazine that captures the essence of the areas "cuisine, entertainment, lifestyle." For those familiar Asheville, you may feel barraged by all the "free" magazines that seem to come from everywhere. This will not be a free magazine. At the risk of sounding presumptuous, the magazine has the potential to be Asheville's Bon Appétit and The New Yorker rolled into one magazine.

Book-- Today date, the book has sold more than 48% of inventory in less than eight weeks with zero marketing and minimal "house" ads (i.e third page and sixth page ads).

I think part of the modest success is due to the author’s latent talent and another part is due to the audience's demand. An email received this week seems to verify that last point: "I have ripped almost all of her columns out of the magazine for many years now... But the bait of having a book of her own selections was too much for me to resist!"

Novella-- Currently, I am reviewing a manuscript which I've been asked to design and quite possibly assist in its publication.

Novel-- Further, I reading another manuscript, by the same author of the novella, which I've also been asked to design and assist in its publication.

Anthology-- My fingers hurt from typing so much. I am not a fast typist. So, entering missing chapters for an upcoming current affairs anthology is a bit tiresome. The manuscript consists of more than 60 chapters covering timeless journalistic stories published over the last two decades. Should be available by the end of the year.

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