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1000 Black Lines

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Designing, publishing, printing... [part 9]

Magazine-- Today was the final meeting staff meeting before the magazine goes to press. Ads are in place. Articles are in place. Cover is finished. Final tweaking and copyediting begins. The magazine should be at the printer in days.

Book-- As of last night, the book has sold 70% of inventory. I guess I'll need to investigate whether to begin reprint options on this title or something to that regard.

When I started this title I really wasn't sure what to expect of the outcome. So these sales numbers are very exciting for me. I can't believe I said that. Never have I considered myself one of those business suits and ties type and now I'm sounding like one. This mystifies me.

Novella & Novel-- Still reviewing manuscripts and production specs.

Anthology/Compilation-- This project will definitely require a unique marketing/distribution strategy. This is one of those projects that feels like a freight train you might see in an old Western film which carries a shipment of TNT and is bound to derail on a black and white grainy mountainside. Or at least that is what the viewer is lead to believe. But maybe, if the film directing is done well, a hero arrives and allows safe passage. I'm trying to find the hero in this project.

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