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If you missed it you missed it

My wife and I rarely attend concerts, but last night we stole away to The Grey Eagle to catch the Over the Rhine show. When arrived at the venue I was a bit surprised. Last time OtR was in town the crowd was modest if not a bit small. Last night, The Eagle was packed. We found lounge seats available between a local couple and a couple from Charleston, SC. The seats are up on a platform in front of the sound booth. Call me crazy, but I like the dark corner where the sound engineering takes place--sort of behind the scenes theatrics. OtR's sound designer goes by the name "Juicy." Juicy is a big man with shaved bald head and a keen ear for making the show happen--not to mention he was just as much into the show as the rest of us (i.e. hootin' and howlerin' and stompin' his massive feet to the mesmerizing magic of OtR).

The openning band was Hem. I think I've discovered a new favorite band. Hem provided a great set. I attempted to take digital photos, but the dark corner sucks all the light out of the images. So I am thankful to Flickr photographer, The Optimator for some great tour shots.

Hem, originally uploaded by The Optimator.

Over the Rhine, originally uploaded by The Optimator.

Over the Rhine offered some of their new songs which will be featured on their upcoming album. One song has been spinning around my cranium all night. Karin introduced the song with a dedication to Juicy. Linford had invited Juicy to tour with OtR, but Juicy initially declined because he "retired" and didn't want to leave his wife and family for a tour. After a series of conversations, Juicy said he wouldn't go unless they went deep. "I'm not touring unless you're ready to go deep," he said.

I don't know the title but the lyrics go something like this: I'm not going to waste your time on a song you don't need.

I needed their songs last night.

Thanks OtR.

Thanks Juicy.

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