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1000 Black Lines

:: digital coffee stains on the paper of the blogosphere ::

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Write Stuff response

This week's Write Stuff piece brought the following comments.
"Wow! Something to think about . . ."--Michèle

"I love the taste and feel of words on my tongue and in my head. I love it when they come out when I am writing with feeling and I come “out of it” to read what I have written and I can’t believe that I have written what is on the screen or paper. It is a passion, a deep feeling of love for writing and the written word. I am only half way following my calling half way. I needed this kick in the butt, thank you very much."--Shelli

"This is beautiful ... I am twisting and turning but I’m afraid that my student loan payment has tasted more of my writing efforts than I have."--Tammi

The column begins: "I used to think I needed a job that allows me to be a poet and writer. I think a lot of people believe this. I don’t think much of it anymore."

After making that statement I explore, in brief, some practices of distinguished poets like Anthony Hecht, W.S. Merwin, Ezra Pound and John Ashbery. It was meant to be a challenge more to myself than readers. However, if it got Michèle to "think about" it and gave Shelli a "kick in the butt" then I would consider that a bonus.

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