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1000 Black Lines

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Designing, publishing, printing... [part 10]

Magazine-- The magazine goes to press this week. Today's "staff" meeting was more of an examination of four press proofs (press proofs, for non-designers, are full-color press signatures -- each signature contains eight pages).

The magazine will have a big release party in August. I'll post the press release when it's ready.

Book-- So, I got back from vacation and found that less than 300 copies remain in the building. Exciting!

So, I guess that means I need to schedule a reprint. The trick with reprinting a book is that I don't want to order more than demand dictates. Currently, the books is averaging sales of 200 copies a week.

Novella-- I finished reading the novella. It is a character-driven espionage story set in Asheville. I do not read a lot of espionage novels (I used to read Clancy novels in high school). What attracts me to the story is the cultural exchange of ideas; two people from different cultures (an American and a Russian) attempting to work together despite differing worldviews and philosophies. The eerie thing about reading an espionage novella set in Asheville is that when I overhear Romanian spoken by someone on the bus I get freaked and wonder if they're part of the Russian mafia which the story explores. Next phase coming soon.

Novel-- Still reviewing it.

Anthology-- The last thing I wanted to do in the middle of production is change directions. Bottomline: anthologies do not sell well. Solution: position the product to a receptive audience of hardcore supporters.

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