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1000 Black Lines

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Designing, publishing, printing... [part 11]

Magazine-- It's difficult to keep it quiet much longer now that signs are posted all over Asheville. Ashvegas made the connections and posted his finds on BlogAsheville. I am awaiting the official press release before I offer more details about where to find the magazine and how to subscribe. I'm also awaiting approval by the publisher to post teaser spreads of the actual magazine. I will state that the magazine release party is slated for August 5 at the Haywood Park Hotel Ballroom and will feature many food, brewery and wine sponsors -- PLUS four live bands! Tickets are available around Asheville. I'll post more details later.

Essay Collection-- With book sales increasingly positive, I scheduled a second printing of the book. Good news is that the first printing will sell out buy the middle of this week. Bad news is that it takes three weeks to manufacture a casebound (hard cover) book. I don't like putting the customers in a back order position, but it appears unavoidable.

On another note, retailers (i.e. private booksellers, bookstores, etc.) are beginning to take notice and request copies for there stores.

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