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Write Stuff: A Greek Tragedy

This week Write Stuff's regular contributors are to write about "premonition." The assignment was handed out a week or two ago.

For the last week I've been engaged in a lecture series on "Introduction to Greek Philosophy" from Boston University (via The Teaching Company). I was able to rent the 4 DVD set from the local library. That has lead me to examine texts on Alexander the Great as well as explore The Theogony.

With the writing prompt being premonition, my mind turned to the tragic Greek tale of Cassandra. I started out to write a formal sonnet with a twist. The twist being that I did not want to use a rhyming pattern nor did I want to use iambic pentameter; rather, I wanted to write iambic dimeter verse.

When I completed the initial drafts I realized it lacked the urgency and tragedy that I want to communicate. So I departed from the initial hybrid sonnet I attempted and completed the poem as four strophes of four lines each -- total of sixteen lines. Let me know what you think of Cassandra’s Gift.

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  1. Blogger T L Reynolds | 8:31 PM, August 11, 2006 |  

    I thought Cassandra was involved...very good work;)

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