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1000 Black Lines

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Courtyard Gallery Open Mic

Courtyard Gallery & Studio Open Mike

Thursday nights
9 PM-12 midnight
Downtown Asheville

Free to Public

Pure Energy: bells, bowls and didge
Okay, is it "open mic" or "open mike"? I've seen the term represented both ways.

If you've missed the Beanstreet open mic events of previous years, then head on down to Walnut Street for a free-for-all of lyrics and poetry and eclectic vibes at Courtyard Gallery & Studio. Can't find the gallery? Find your way to Scully's and follow the steps downstairs or take a walk down Carolina Lane and look for the sign pointing you to a weekly event featuring singer/songwriters, poets and writers. The open mic is hosted by Jarrett Leone (pictured playing the didge). Also, check out their podcasts, "True Home," on Apple iTunes.

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