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The publication of "The People"

For a few weeks I've been quiet about the recent publication of a poem I've written. Due to a compliment I received from another writer regarding it, I decided to share it with you.

To my embarrassment the poem is published unfinished. I'll let you deceide what is unfinished about it. I've been quiet about this for a number of reasons. First, I've been working 10 to 12 hour days and have not the time or energy to comment. Also, having an incomplete thought, idea or poem published is exciting (because of the editor/publisher's enthusiasm) and frightening (because public criticism for its unfinished state). Further, the subject matter of the poem is not something I address in much of my published work. I sent the poem to an editor/publisher and asked for editorial assistance. I did not expect it to be published as is. Lastly, the poem is published without notes. (Several references and quotations from other material were not properly documented in the publication of the poem.)

I wrote most of the poem four years ago as a response to national, world and personal events. At the time, I had relocated to a new city, had a new job, and became a new father. I asked myself, "What kind of world will my child inherit?"

Printed in Wander, Volume 1, Number 5, here is the poem (over 3000 words, more than 200 lines, plus unpublished notes) for online readers: "The People."

Wander is available in Asheville at a number of locations including: Malaprop's, Pack Library, Rosetta's Kitchen, Downtown Bookstore, Octopus Garden, Izzy's, Hannah Flannagan's, New French Bar, Fine Arts Theater, The Orange Peel, Hookah Joe's, Laughing Seed, Earth Fare, Westend Bakery and more than 20 locations.

  1. Blogger zhoen | 9:15 PM, September 23, 2006 |  

    I shall not ask you for a copy again, since I never repaid you for the last one, and in the midst of moving, lost your address.

    However, you have my continued appreciation for your assistence in getting my scribbling out there. Always. Thank you.

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