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1000 Black Lines

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Publishing, publishing, publishing

There has been so much activity regarding the projects I am developing/designing/publishing that I may have to divide this series into sub-serial posts per project. Just got back from a lunch meeting at the "new" Old Europe (gorgeous new location and great new selection of food and beverages) and thought I'd dash off a post.

D'licious Magazine-- The October issue is underway. The art director will be spending many hours and gallons of coffee to meet the press date. An added complication is the discovery of an import magazine with a similiar title. Recently released as a monthly title through Barnes & Noble, the magazine became available locally in June (2 months after the initial research and design and 2 months before the release of the first issue of d'licious). This gives me a headache. Ugh. The editorial must have known of this. We'll see how the saga unfolds.

Essay collection: A-- The book is into its second printing and has now garnered some unexpected nationally attention. More on that later.

Anthology-- Final manuscript went to the editor and proofreader. Almost a dozen different cover designs were presented to the editor and executive. One has been chosen and I am completing dust jacket cover designs presently. It goes to the printer next week.

Essay collection: B-- Another collection of essays by a national published columnist. I'm making copy corrections to the manuscript. This manuscript goes to the printer in less than three weeks. This book still needs a cover design.

Novella-- On hold until further word from the publisher.

Novel: A-- Still reviewing it. It is about Asheville.

Novel: B-- Another novelist contacted me about designing an upcoming novel. Oh, I which I could share with you the title, but not yet. It will be a exciting, timely, sensational. When I'm allowed to leak the title, you'll be the first to know.

In the future, d'licious updates will be titled "d'licious news" and book projects will be titled after their respective book titles.

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