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Fearlessly I braved the cinema

It is a rare occasion when my wife and I attend the cinema. Last week, we braved blustery weather to view Fearless; Jet Li's final martial arts masterpiece.

My wife said she felt like she was in high school again because of the majority of the crowd was of that age demographics. I did not feel like I was in high school. There were no cell phones in high school with which to discuss banal topics while waiting in line to purchase tickets. And, I could be twice the age of the high school kids hanging out on a Friday night. Further, most of the teens were there to watch a horror film (I think it had something to do with chainsaws).

I am curious to know the psychology that draws a particular crowd to a specific movie, book or musical act. I know why I went. It was the only one my wife and I could agree upon--both being Jet Li fans.

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