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1000 Black Lines

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I am so weary of condescending poets...

...talking and writing about jazz music as if it was an intellectual topic to itself. One to be coddled and smiled upon as if jazz was helpless without their poetic touch of authority. I like jazz. I listen to Bob Parlocha in the evenings when I get the opportunity. I have several jazz albums. But fercryinoutloud, enough already with poet wannabe's exploring the topic of jazz as if they are erudite jazz maharishis.

Thank you Pulitzer Prize–winning Paul Muldoon for NOT writing about jazz.
"A lifelong lover of rock music, Muldoon has recently assumed the post of guitar player and lyricist for Rackett, the band he started with a Princeton colleague and a few local musicians; currently they are preparing to put out their first full-length CD themselves and are looking for a manager. He is a man as comfortable discussing the aesthetic value of the villanelle as a poetic form as he is the stage performances of Mick Jagger. 'I like the theater of the big concert. I love the spectacle of it—it's a very particular art form,' Muldoon says."
[from the current issue of Poets & Writers]

That's right. The University of Rock and Roll is now in session with your Dean of Poetry Dr. Paul "Rackett" Muldoon rockin' out with the guitar solo!

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