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1000 Black Lines

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Asheville movie set

Stumbled upon these movie set on Lexington Avenue tonight. The name escapes me--something about fading away or fade away or just fade...

Anyway, I started talking to this guy on set who wore a headset and a lot of warm clothes. His job was to keep people quiet when the crew is shooting a scene. I think I watched them shoot the same scene 12 times before they moved to the next scene.

Since I was on my way to the Courtyard Galley Open Mic I had my notebook in hand. He asked to see it. I gave it to him. Someone called him on the headphones and he walked over to the crew as he flipped through my book. He disappeared for awhile and for a moment I freaked and thought, "What if he takes it? What am I going to read tonight?"

He reappeared, walked over to me, handed me my notebook and asked if I write screenplays. I stammered a bit and asked if he meant plays. Script writing he insisted. Not in a long time, I managed to say (like university creative writing class). He said my poems were very well written and I should try writing screen plays. A laughed at myself because I had taken a silly quiz that reported the same thing. So I gave him my business card and asked him to give me a call.

I told my wife about it. We laughed and tried our best impressions of Bill Murray in the film The Man Who Knew Too Little: "I'm in the movie business... Blockbuster Video, Des Moines, Iowa."

  1. Anonymous Karen | 4:20 PM, November 13, 2006 |  

    Ha! Talk about premonition! You should giving writing scripts a go, Matt. You never know and writing something outside your normal area/genre might be a refreshing change.

    I say go for it. :-)

  2. Blogger 1000 black lines | 9:18 AM, November 14, 2006 |  

    Thanks Karen. I'll explore script writing after this weekend's poetry reading. I need to focus on preparing for that event.

    But I do plan investigate it.

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