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1000 Black Lines

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Book News

Essay collection : A-- Week 28 and almost 4800 books sold! Very exciting; an average of more than 170 books have been sold per week.

Almost a year ago I began exploring the potential to introduce this book to the marketplace. The powers-that-be requested a ROI (rate on investment) report and P & L (profit and loss) analysis on the book project. At the time, the company had never published books and did not know whether or not it was worth the investment. I had produced a mock-up of a manuscript and presented a proposal that when something like this:
Target Reader: An average household income of $60,000.00. Over 50 percent of demographics have more than three people per household. Over 50 percent of these demographics are between the ages of 25-50. Over 50 percent of this audience spent less than $199 on books in the last 12 months. More than 80 percent of target readers have read one book in the last month. Offer a collection of essays by [author's name] to this very loyal reader base that read [author's] regularly published column. Also, release the title in time for Mothers Day.

It took three months of deliberation before the powers-that-be allowed me to begin collecting the essays, formatting the manuscript pages and in general producing a book from concept to full-color casebound completion.

boxes and boxes of books delivered
So this week began a new chapter in book publishing for me. The delivery of thousands of copies of Essay collection : A-- its THIRD printing!

Additionally, thousands of copies of Essay collection : B were also delivered. Essay collection : B production began at the end of July and the manuscript was delivered to the printer the end of September. Yes, two months of selecting the essays, light editing, page layout, book, cover design, coordinating distribution and customer service, establishing e-commerce and planning, writing and designing a national print and electronic ad campaign. And that's not all...

open box of books
Simultaneously, I was organizing feature articles (under the direction of a notable national editor), typing non-electronic articles, light and heavy editing, proofreading, preparing almost a dozen drafts of the manuscript, page layout, book, cover design, coordinating distribution and customer service, establishing e-commerce and planning, writing and designing a national print and electronic ad campaign for the anthology book due out this month--try producing and managing two books at the same time while loosely holding onto your sanity. It's like getting your messenger bag strap caught in the door of a bus as you leave and hope the bus driver doesn't take off with you dragging along the asphalt.

more boxes of books
Um, yes, I see that hand raised amid the masses of blog readers (all eight of you, and hi mom... I'll call you this weekend).

Your question is:
Why are you using "Essay collection: B" and "Anthology" as titles and not the actual book titles that are visible in the images provided?

Good question. And thanks for asking.

Short answer: googling the book titles or author names will not bring people to 1000 Black Lines.

Long answer: if I were the publisher of these books (and not the designer) I would be promoting them shamelessly. Since I am not the publisher, I'll look at the ground, kick at a leaf on the sidewalk that skitters away in the breeze and say "I'm just part of the team... doing my job."

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  1. Anonymous michael | 7:19 PM, November 03, 2006 |  

    Right on.

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