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1000 Black Lines

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OK, this is odd

Confession number 1:
Last night I got a message on my voice mail from former President Clinton reminding me to vote for Democratic candidates. If it wasn't for the fact that it was a recorded message I would have been more excited. And he didn't even leave a return number. That's the annoying thing about it. I still voted. I'd still like to return his call and at least thank him for calling my home.

Confession number 2:
Today, as I entered Westend Bakery, a woman (Caucasian, early to mid forties, wavy chestnut colored hair) said, "You're wearing a tie. You're not welcomed here." I looked down and sure enough--a tie hung from my neck. I tied it myself--thank you. Since she does not work at the Bakery, doesn't know me and conveyed her observation/opinion in a rather rude manner, I smiled instead of held the door for her. In spite of the insult I should have held the door open for her. If you see her, please apologize for my rudeness.

  1. Blogger Edgy Mama | 5:09 PM, November 07, 2006 |  

    When Clinton called our house, E-spouse handed me the phone and said, "I think he'd rather talk to you."

    No ties in the West End? That's ridiculously rude. I was there today too, after lunch. I forgot to ask if they have wireless yet.

  2. Blogger 1000 black lines | 5:25 PM, November 07, 2006 |  

    We must have missed each other. I left after lunch as well.

    Last I heard WE doesn't have wireless, though I did see a lot of laptops in use.

  3. Blogger Brian | 9:24 AM, November 09, 2006 |  

    I think everyones missing the real confession here.

    You were wearing a tie???

  4. Blogger 1000 black lines | 9:37 AM, November 09, 2006 |  


    Yes. I do consulting work and was meeting a client.

  5. Blogger Samurai | 11:35 AM, November 09, 2006 |  

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