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1000 Black Lines

:: digital coffee stains on the paper of the blogosphere ::

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True Home Open Mic Podcast number 8

True Home Open Mic Podcast
The Courtyard Gallery
Every Thursday at the Courtyard Galley. Hosted by Jarrett Leone, signup starts at 8:30PM and performances from 9pm-12
If you haven't subscribed to Asheville's own True Home Open Mic Podcast, please do. As of last week, there are over 3000 subscribers in more than a dozen countries! The podcast is available through Apple iTunes.

It is real easy for Apple iTunes users to subscribe:
1) open Apple iTunes,
2) Click on Podcast Directory,
3) type "True Home Courtyard" in the Search iTunes Store window, and
4) click "subscribe."

[For non Apple iTunes users; copy this address into your podcast application: http://www.webpasties.com/podcast-8670-930.xml]

.ISM Quarterly
Autumn 2006
I'm featured on the 5th podcast (released Oct. 17, 2006) reading My Father's Promise and Red Dye #40 Epsicle Ice Pop and shamelessly plugging Write Stuff.

Last week (the recording of the 8th podcast that was released Nov. 7, 2006) I read "Loneliness Visits" that is published in the Autumn 2006 issue of .ISM Quarterly. I shamelessly plugged the quarterly magazine and host Jarrett Leone plugged 1000 Black Lines.

What will I read tonight? Find out by visiting The Courtyard Gallery or subscribing to the True Home Open Mic Podcast.

Also, check out podcast 6 (released Oct. 22). It features "musica latino"--the whole gallery sang along to the music of Tito. Podcast 7 (Oct. 30) features an open house party for the Yellow Door Media Center with guest Michael Farr and others. Every podcast includes performances by Ash Devine.

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