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1000 Black Lines

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D'licious Magazine News

Many have asked me (via email, blog comments, on the street or around town), when the next issue of D'licious is available. Awhile ago I announced that the October/November issue was at the printer and would be out soon. A week went by and the printer called me and asked if it was ready to go. I told him I thought so. He told me that he hadn't heard from the publisher of D'licious and where should he send the proof. Another week went by and D'licious staff/volunteers called me frequently wondering what was going on and where are the magazines. I don't know, I told them. I'm the art director not CEO. I found out later the publisher held the job due to lack of ad sales (i.e. not enough cash to pay the printer).

October slipped by and no word from the publisher. Finally I got a hold of the publisher via cell phone and the publisher explained that the second issue was delayed until December. Realizing the financial instability of D'licious Magazine, I put together a business plan (complete with annual budget, profit and loss analysis, and a few other notes) that the publisher could present to an investor. The publisher took the business proposal and called me a week later informing me that the second issue would release in March of 2007.

It is now December and I have heard nothing of the publisher. After recently discussing the future of D'licious with the editor, we have both concluded it has deceased and are considering other projects.

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